7 Future Professions for Students to Consider Today

Robotics and the basic knowledge of programming are going to be needed in any job pretty soon.

Here are seven professions that gain their popularity nowadays, and that are going to be wanted in future.

In future, not only professions will change, but basic knowledges are going to be different as well. It is not enough to be able to read, to write and to count in order to be “literate” in XXI century. A literate person of the future can cooperate, knows English and has basic skills in programming. Students are to learn effective communication principles, so they can be able to master top professions and make their first steps in new careers.

Engineering and Programming

The main part of routine jobs is going to be trusted to machines, so specialists who assemble, fix and control those machines will be needed. Even today we all see drones delivering packages, robot-cleaners sweeping apartments, and unmanned cars passing their last tests before being launched. Engineer-roboticists and programmers are needed in every key branch: medical care, administration, production, entertainment, and transport.

Roboticist Engineer

Programmers develop algorithms and develop artificial intelligence not only for big companies and scientists. Your fridge is going to order food on its own soon, but the programmer has to teach it (and any other home technique) to work and exchange information through the Internet.

To become a roboticist, you need:

  • good spatial thinking;
  • interest in engineering;
  • knowledge—and love—in mathematics;
  • ability to work consistently.

Programmers need:

  • perfect knowledge of mathematics and logic;
  • love for task solving and programming;
  • attentiveness and ability to concentrate for long;
  • will for victory, ability to get result even if it does not come after the first try.

Biochemistry and Medicine

Nowadays scientists grow organs and print living tissues with 3D-printers, and robots perform surgery operations. In future, they’ll need doctors who can control robots, know modern materials and can exchange information with colleagues all over the world very fast. Doctors should be able to work remotely: receive consultations, ask for analysis results, manage investigating procedures through the Internet.

In addition to traditional persistence and altruism, next-generation doctors will need:

  • excellent knowledge of chemistry, physics and biology;
  • understanding the basis of robotics and programming;
  • interest in new technologies and materials for prostheses;
  • ability to master internet-technologies fast for telemedicine.

New materials invented by chemists are needed not only in medicine and production. Future professionals – chemists-technologists, chemists-ecologists, chemists-energetics – should be good in both biology and physics. A new generation of specialists will be needed to create clothes, food and new kinds of energy.

The wanted chemist is the one who:

  • loves and knows not only chemistry, but branches close to it;
  • thinks creatively;
  • wants to experiment and solve special tasks.

Urbanism and Agriculture

Forget everything you know about agronomist’s job. No acres of pure plains, no drunk tractor drivers and other instruments of the past have place in the agriculture of future. Agronomists build farms without lands, robots plant and harvest, and crop is regulated by artificial intelligence.

A successful future agronomist:

  • loves botany and genetics;
  • wants to experiment;
  • has a curious mind.

In the world of UAVs, drones and solar energy, houses will accumulate and distribute solar energy on their own. Electric cars will drive through induction roads and charge their batteries right on the way. Urbanists, architects of future cities, are those who create safe and comfortable places for living.

Urbanist Future Profession

People are going to need more space for communication, entertainment, education and creativity. Urbanist-psychologists and game-techniques will create parks and recreational zones for various needs and tasks. Urbanist-agronomists will build vertical farms, so people could get fresh products right at their neighborhood. Urbanist-designers will project new cities to be comfortable, safe and beautiful.

Good urbanist is the one who:

  • is close to geometry and drafting;
  • has good spatial thinking and imagination;
  • has good creative abilities;
  • is stress-tolerant and ready to work in state structures.

Psychology and Pedagogics

Education of school pupils, students and adults gets better and better through time, becomes virtual and personalized. Bad marks and punishments are not effective online. That is why a teacher has to interest, involve and inspire pupils who learn through his or her courses. The most modern learning programs are created basing on the gamification technologies with the help of virtual and augmented reality.

To create a modern educational course, environment or project, an educational producer is required. Producer can see the need in education and gathers resources to satisfy that need. He or she “draws” a portrait of a pupil, finds teachers, programmers and investors for the project. As a result, the producer creates an interesting and understandable educational product for pupils, and the product can bring incomes.

The educational producer:

  • loves learning;
  • knows English well;
  • is creative;
  • understands people and is interested in psychology;
  • understands modern digital and educational technologies.

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