Gamification of the University Life


Do you like computer games? You may not even answer because I know for sure that there so many fans of this cultural phenomenon out there. Yes, computer games undertook a long journey to get from the point A, where they were perceived just as a nerdy hobby, to point B, where you can earn millions of dollars by playing them. That`s a pretty good trip, I`ve got to say.

How Are You Doing, Dear New Year College Resolutions?

New Year Resolutions

New Year, new me, they say. And psychologists claim that it`s the biggest lie that people could ever be drugged into. Well this one, and another lie about gluten-free food, and I promised myself that wouldn`t be talking about it anymore. I`ve reached my limit, I`m done with telling people that gluten-free stuff is yet another marketing trick, but let`s just get back to those New Year resolutions, shall we?

Having a Roommate Will Improve Your Health


What were your expectations of a college dormitory? Did you think that it would be all fun and awesome like in one of those sitcoms? “How I Met Your Mother” is obviously a great TV-show, but it has one major disadvantage. It`s highly unrealistic! You may think that you`ll become best friends with your roommie, and you`ll have cool pajamas parties. And by the way, these events aren`t just for girls so don`t be all judgy; and also writing a review on it is easy on idoassignment.