Essay on What Is Victim Blaming


We live in the modern world where technology and social networks play a huge role in our life. We cannot imagine even one day spent without our smartphones: Internet searching and watching news feed on Facebook and Instagram (while being at university or school) have become a tradition. More importantly, I can say for sure that this “tradition” can be called the illness of XXI century and there is no medicine against this disease.

Paper on Ways to Find Friends


A friend is a person with whom you can talk about everything: relationships, school/work problems, entertainment, etc. It is a person who is able to understand you and will help you in spite of any circumstances. We all strive to find such a person because we would like to experience these happy moments of chatting about everything.

Sample Essay on the Value of Advertisements for College Students

Television Ads

Whenever I watch a game or a new show on the tv, I always encounter the problem of ads, which in turn makes me ponder upon the phenomenon of ads in our society. The more I think about it, the more I realize that whenever I look I always see advertisements, on cars, magazines, tvs, t-shirts, they have invaded the internet and will not back away any time soon. Each year they grow smarter, more creative, and innovate the plentiful ways of saying just one thing – please buy our product. So what is the place and value of ads in our society?

Healthy Sleeping Habits Development Before Exams


There is no harder thing to do then to sleep on demand. If you have a strange sleeping schedule, can fall asleep easily during lectures, are a night-owl and taking irregular naps before exams is your favorite hobby, you should probably start wondering how you are going to survive the season of exams. There are all the final tests, papers and various examinations waiting for you around the corner, so you should be brighter and sharper than ever.