Homework: Pros and Cons

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Homework includes reading, analyzing consumed data and improving your writing skills. It also requires a lot of time and effort. Some students can't cope with the amount of pending assignments. They start feeling depressed, have panic attacks or they're just always tired. Some people don't believe that, saying that those kids are just lazy! Is it really the truth or is there something different?

Let's start with pluses of homework:

  1. Scholars need to revise information and home assignments are the best way to do it.
  2. Home tasks teach kids responsibility and time-management.
  3. Home environment can help a student to concentrate.

On the other hand:

  1. It triggers mental health problems.
  2. Students already spend the best part of the day in classes.
  3. Homework makes people hate education.

Let's Talk About Pluses

For a reason that the issue of homework is affecting many people, studies on the subject have become popular. The Cooper’s review of homework studies showed that 70% of students do have higher academic results thanks to home tasks they were accomplishing. So, we can confidently confirm that it is not a waste of time. Therefore, it helps scholars to get deeper into the subject there are studying or interested in. More so, homework gives students additional information because of the data research they are doing. Additionally, the majority of people say that weaker students feel uncomfortable with the amount of assignments they can't do, and that is the reason they fail. That point is debatable. Homework gives you a chance to analyze what you don't understand at school in a safe and quiet environment. And, besides, it improves your grades if you put enough effort into it.

Let's Talk About Minuses

Students claim that they often feel under pressure when they are doing homework. They have a constant fear of not being good enough or not coping with it on time. Those feelings haunt them and turn into stress. Not all teenagers can cope with that, and we don't have the right to blame them. Scholars need to feel excitement and interest in studying, not stress and hatred. That kind of permanent stress can be an open window for the mental health problems (such as insomnia, depression, panic attacks). To prevent all those issues, IDoAssignment.Com exists and is ready to help students who are in trouble with their assignments.

Moreover, the issue here is that it's not the concept of homework that affects people that much, it's the whole education process. It's hard to spend most time of your day at classes and not feel pressured, when you're failing at it. Society makes students feel like education is the most important part of their lives. And it's true that education is salient, but there are a lot of other things that are special, too. Sometimes you need to think in a long-term perspective and realize that failing one test will not ruin your life.

So: Is Homework Bad or Good?

It's actually neither. That question is highly personal. Some people are good at studying under pressure and some are not. The educational system needs to work for everyone and nowadays it simply doesn't. Not all kids have a safe home to come to and study, not all of them can write 3 essays a week, not all understand that this is quite okay to buy an essay online if you do not have time and possibilities for it, and not all of them can get through exams without a panic attack. The world needs to understand that we are all different, and we all matter, that is why the educational system needs to be reconsidered.

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