Psychology Essay: How to Indicate Your Brain Needs a Break

In the modern world, strength and durability are valued, caring for oneself is not honored. As a result, more and more people become victims of exhaustion, caused by their workaholism or non-stop studying. In order to prevent that you need to know when to stop.

Everyone needs to complete various tasks, to write essays, to prepare for exams, to visit different events, to cook meals, etc. People are used to feeling great responsibility, and numerous deadlines can only strengthen that tension. “This is fine, I am an adult, I can make it through anything. I can do all my homework on my own.” That’s what you think, isn’t that?

Everything Is Fine

Of course, ignoring your responsibilities is not an option, but you still need to devote a certain time to your rest and recovery: this helps to prolong your workability. But modern people are captives of stereotypes: those who work till their last dying breath gain respect, and any thought about taking a break seems to be a sign of weakness and lack of will.

But that is not true. You need to have enough bravery in order to recognize one single fact: you are not a robot but a human, and you need to rest, unlike those futuristic androids from sci-fi books and movies.

Here you can find five certain signs indicating that your brain and organism require some break. Pay attention to these factors.

  • 1. You Get Sick Constantly

    The last month has been tough for you: in addition to a running nose in the middle of a studying week you caught flu, and now you are coughing despite trying to cure it. Of course, you didn’t weaken your immunity system intentionally. But sickness does not come at the worst time by accident. Important events and tasks (like essays and exams) cause stress. It exhausts your organism.

    Resting Student

    It is time to let your brain rest. Before a tough studying week comes, try to sleep well and to eat healthily. This will help you feel better and get “A” grades more often.

  • 2. You Worry Because of Your Past

    You stably remind yourself about your past failures during the day. You got a difficult essay one week ago. You haven’t visited the gym for a month… Your brain is likely to concentrate on negativity when you feel the strongest pressure. Looks like you need a rest and some time to deal with your thoughts and worries.

  • 3. You Don’t Care About Yourself

    If you regularly skip dinners to finish the work or you cancel consultations with doctors to save time, it is the moment when you need to slow down. Responsibilities matter, but your health matters more. If you don’t care about yourself, you can only increase the amount of stress your brain has to deal with. Let your body relax and allow your mind to have some rest. Create a new schedule in order to avoid neglecting your health.

    Healthy Student
  • 4. You Have Sleep Problems

    Deep night sleep is the best way to get rid of weakness and tiredness. If you can’t sleep for long, that’s an alarm signal. Most probably, a lot of thoughts appear in your mind when you try to fall asleep. If you let your brain rest and get distant from troubles, this will help you recover your healthy slumbers.

  • 5. You Keep Apathy for Too Long

    It can happen that way: emotions overload you, and you can’t control them. This is normal. The point is to watch your feelings and to accept them. But if you notice you feel sadness and apathy all the time, and do not have any will to do anything about that, this is the reason to concentrate on this trouble. If thoughts about a previously loved gym training make you sad and the process of cooking some meals for supper becomes an incompletable task, then think about a rest. You need it to recover and become even stronger than you used to be before.

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