Film Review: The Lessons from The Greatest Showman

Empty Circus Ring

If you want to recover your faith in modern cinematography, The Greatest Showman is the right movie to watch tonight. The right musical, to be precise. My personal experience shows that this picture is good enough to fascinate folks who don’t like going to cinemas at all and to make a bunch of teenagers hold their breaths in the darkness of the hall and stare at the screen in silence.

3 Best Movies About Students for Your Film Review


My personal experience shows that it’s much easier to write a review of a movie or book when I can literally feel it and when it is not just my assignment. I mean when I can perfectly understand what’s happening, why it’s happening, and what the heroes are going through, because some time ago I faced the same or pretty similar joys or sorrows as the characters of the movie or book I choose.

Writing About Remote Job: Ways of Dealing with Loneliness


Freelancers and remote workers often work at home, and those who live alone can spend the whole days in isolation. According to a research conducted by Regus, 27% of respondents feel lonely when they are working at home. If a person does not live alone, family members distract them with requests (51% note this problem), which does not allow them to concentrate. It is noteworthy that attention is also paid to pets, who want to communicate with the owner (42% of respondents cannot focus on work because they cannot stop hugging their pets).