Paraphrasing an Essay: Not That Easy Task

Copying Text

Plagiarism is a serious academic issue, and it is not that easy to avoid it. You should know the way of correct usage of sources to avoid plagiarized pieces, even if you complete your text from a scratch. Moreover, if you want to save your time and just take your friend’s completed text, change the wording, and submit it as your own original one, do not think that this will be an easy task. Or, you may want to paraphrase one of texts published on our website. There are a lot of programs that easily detect not only the copy-pasted content, but also paraphrased one, so your tricks will not be unnoticed.

Synonyms Will Not Work

Changing the friend’s words into synonyms with the same structure will still make your works similar. Especially, if you are in the same class, paraphrasing essays this way may lead to failures for both essays, and I am sure that this is not what you want.

Moreover, software is smart enough to recognize synonyms.

Restructuring as a Solution

To make your essay written on a basis of your friend’s one not similar, you will need to restructure. We are talking not only about the sentences, but the text in a whole. This will be difficult because the general structure of the essay should be kept: therefore, it should have an introduction, a body part with a few paragraphs, and a conclusion. You will not be able to take the friend’s ideas from the conclusion and put them to the introduction, as well as the body part will not work as an element of conclusion.

Ways to Rephrase

So, after all, how to rephrase a paper to make it look different? We will share a few ways with you.

  • Read the friend’s paper twice and then write down what you remember in your own words. This will help you to use some of his/her ideas not copying their sequence and wording. Moreover, while writing, you will automatically add your evaluation and reasoning, and that will give your essay a different light.
  • Tell your friend to retell what he/she has written. When retelling, your friend will forget something, change the structure, and add some more explanations of his/her ideas. Later on, you will need to write down what you remember. We are sure that the papers copied this way will not have very much in common, because a double interpretation modifies the text significantly.



In order to avoid any troubles for sure, we recommend you not to paraphrase someone else’s work at all. It is better to ask for some advice on what to write, or on sources which were used for writing an essay on the topic. It may surprise you, but writing a composition this way will not even take that much time in comparison with searching for the person to take the essay from, looking for the ways to paraphrase, and the paraphrasing itself.


Overall, it is up to you to decide: whether to write or invent tricks on saving time. However, make sure you paraphrase qualitatively, so you will not be accused of plagiarism.

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