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A friend is a person with whom you can talk about everything: relationships, school/work problems, entertainment, etc. It is a person who is able to understand you and will help you in spite of any circumstances. We all strive to find such a person because we would like to experience these happy moments of chatting about everything.

However, there are times when we are disappointed in old friends or understand that they were not so nice people, but still continue to communicate with them. Why? Mostly, the reason is very simple - we are afraid that we will not be able to find new ones and build the relationship again. In fact, it is not so - it is easy to find friends, you just need to do it appropriately. I am going to tell you about how exactly you can do it.

More Papers to Find Friends

The first task that I propose tackling is to determine the notion of “friend” and “friendship” at all. Why do you need it? Just because it is always easier to deal with issues when you comprehend all details and facts about these notions. Therefore, the key principle that is plain to see is to realize the meaning of the complicated word “friend.”

According to American experts, the best way to analyze and investigate into any issue is to write a work dedicated to it (these are called thesis papers or research papers). In this case, you are able to focus on your topic and dedicate all your efforts to it. Do not worry - I do not tell you to become a researcher and write an academic paper. However, there is an upside to such kind of work and this sense is hidden between the lines of the word “writing.”

Writing is considered as one of the best methods of analyzing any complicated notions or phenomena. It is explained by the fact that the left part of the brain that is responsible for analytical skills takes part in the writing process too. Therefore, it becomes easier to proceed with a task of analyzing a notion when all info is kept in the written form. If you want to have a look at what a perfect essay looks like, don’t hesitate to contact professionals in the sphere.

Moreover, you are not limited in any form or size of your written masterpiece - all you need to do is to express your thoughts and ideas regarding friendship and a friend on a clean sheet of paper. So, do not hesitate to buy an additional ream of paper. If your homework is something that bothers you a lot, you already know where you should go for it: you surely won’t regret it.

What Do You Expect from Friendship?

The answer to this question can be outlined in the written essay. Every person expects something from friendship, and there is a huge number of variants. For instance, someone is looking for emotional conversations and support, someone just wants to hang out till the morning on the weekends (and do not communicate at all on the weekdays), but someone needs a friend who can come to him/her in the middle of the night and help if something bad happened. Determine what qualities in the future friend are the most important for you, and think about where such a friend can be found.

Look for Friends in Place of Living

Nice Cafe

The most reliable way to find a suitable friend is to go to a place that you like: to the theater, cinema, exhibition, dance clubs, various masterclasses, favorite cafes, etc. A great way to find a friend is to be active on forums or social media channels like Facebook or Twitter. Through my personal experience, I can say for sure that this way is a perfect chance to find a person who shares your interests (I found a friend with whom we have been communicating for six years in a group on Facebook).

However, there is a chance to fall into the trap of “internet friends.” It is a phenomenon when you communicate with a person only via World Wide Web. Consequently, you spend most of your time on social networks, and you have no idea how this person looks like in reality. By the way, it is a very popular type of deceiving - when someone takes on a different persona. And such communication could lead to awful consequences.

That is why it is very important to be careful and attentive while communicating through social networks. But if you have already fallen into the trap of virtual communication, do not worry: go here and find out how to escape from virtual reality and start communication in real.

The Art of Conducting a Talk

Sometimes we all just feel embarrassed to walk up to a person who we have liked because we are afraid of refusal or do not want to look ridiculous. To prevent this from happening, learn how to conduct a dialogue, monitor your gestures and facial expressions, and prepare a pair of topics about which you can talk endlessly.

If you do not know which topic to choose, do not hesitate to ask Google for a help: a million articles about the ways of becoming the best conversationalist in the world is waiting for you. Just a little piece of advice: do not talk about religion and politics. It is a well-known fact that these topics could provoke a war, as there are as many opinions about these themes as people around the world. So, do not hope that a person with whom you would like to become friends shares your opinion regarding Buddhism and independence of Puntland.

Expand Circle of Contacts


Do not refuse from the party where you have been invited to, only because there will not be any of your friends there. Consider it as another chance to make new ones. More walk, do not hesitate to communicate and most importantly - learn to listen to people’s thoughts.

Be proactive: after a few minutes of communication (if you have found common interests), do not hesitate to invite new acquaintances to meet again. Try to make friends with neighbors in the hostel. It is quit weird way of making friends; however, more often than not the strongest friendship begins in this way.

Remember About Friendship Rules

The main rule of friendship - you do not need to have friends, you just need to be friends. In this case, everyone should be treated humanely, and friendship should not be unilateral and advantageous. It is quite normal to come to console a friend in the middle of the night if she or he becomes ill, or help in a difficult situation - it will be appreciated. Actions must be done sincerely and disinterestedly, and not according to the principle of barter: I give it to you, and you give it to me. Friendship does not work that way.

Hope, such small story about friendship and ways of finding friends will inspire you to look for your own ones, and you will forget about loneliness and fear of making friends.

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