Food that Makes You Brainy

A correct nutrition is what you need if you want to be healthy and beautiful. Sometimes, the problems with memory, concentration and attention can be solved by just choosing a right menu. Although these things seem so clear and well-known to all of us we often fail to follow those rules. When building your nutrition plan for future consider the products, which we suggest to include in your menu.

  1. Citruses make your brainwork stable.

    If you eat oranges, lemons, grapefruits or any other citruses on a daily basis you can be sure that throughout years your brain will work properly. Also, they help your immune system to resist various viruses and protect you from different diseases.

  2. Go nuts.

    In fact, these are nuts that will not let you go nuts. You can be sure about staying in healthy mind if you like eating walnuts, almonds and peanuts. All of them contain vitamin E and fats that are useful for your brain. Nuts will make you memorize things better and keep your brain activity in tonus.

  3. Green vegetables.

    These ones are typically not the favorite food of children but once you have grown up and your mom does not control what you eat you should consider including them in your menu. Pay attention to broccoli, cabbage, and brussels. They contain carotenoid and vitamin C to protect your brain from overload and assure its working well. Also, these vegetables will neutralize unhealthy and harmful substances by the antioxidants, which they contain.

  4. Fish.

    A dish with fish

    Fish is the food, which you must not ignore in your menu, despite it tastes well for you or not. Especially useful is fatty fish, that contains various fatty acids. They help us to save our brain functions and improve cognitive abilities. Additionally, fish will take care about your cardiovascular system and prevent problems with it in future.

  5. A cup of coffee to wake up your brain.

    Although coffee is mostly considered harmful for our heath you might be surprised to read that it contains antioxidants that disarm various harmful substances. For sure, you should not overdo with it and avoid adding tons of sugar, cream, liquors and other this to make it more exciting. A plain coffee once per day will help you to avoid dementia.

    More tips on how to feed your brain:

    A person eating

    • Drink water. It often appears that the amount of water that we consider as enough is just a small part from those that we really need. Keep yourself hydrated and feel well.
    • Fats are useful. However, it matters which fats exactly. Your brain needs high quality omega-3 fats in order to work well.
    • Avoid eating foods that your body does not tolerate. Even if they are extremely useful your brain might just not accept them the same as your body. For example, you may become less attentive or the remembering ability might decrease.
    • Do not omit breakfasts – they will keep your brain active and you happy all day long.

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