Foreign Language and Looking for Solutions: Develop Skills Simultaneously

Language Learning

We have good news for those who find it challenging to look for solutions. Recently, scientists supposed that to make a proper decision within a short time frame you need to think it over in a foreign language. There were a series of experiments performed with more than 300 of the USA and Korean citizens subjected. The researches have confirmed that thinking in another language decreases the influence of the set standards and stereotypes. Moreover, using a foreign language changes the attitude to the risky and stressful cases.

The Opinion of an Expert

We tend to rely on the opinion of experts in various questions. Boaz Keysar from University of Chicago claims that usage of a foreign language aids in solving problematic questions more rationally and helps to get rid of prejudices. The thing is that while we speak on a language, which is non-native for us, we watch our words more attentive, as well as think better over what we are talking about. A certain system appears and instincts become less important. This explains why it is so difficult to show instant emotional reactions while talking with foreigners. People are usually less prone to risk, and understanding the risk is based on intuition.

Foreign Language and Risk Taking

Based on the theory of the perspective, people risk less if they understand what they miss, i.e. there is a fear of losing. From one side, we can say that thinking in a non-native language can make us understand less, so we are more prone to risk. However, evidence shows the different thing. Thinking in another language develops analytical thinking and creates a border from the emotional weaknesses we experience. Thus, taking the risk evaluating it in the non-native language one expects positive results and winning in the long-term perspective. Thus, one is not afraid to lose something.

Future Perspective

Look at the today’s society: more and more people understand the significance of knowing a foreign language. A lot of leaders, who are world-wide considered to be wise, are polyglots. Indeed, ability to focus on rational thinking has its results, especially if talking about the financial sphere. The nearest future is going to show good results, and people knowing foreign language will occupy the leading positions.

Leading Position

Do You Feel Motivated Now?

This information creates a good basis to get on your way towards knowing a foreign language. When the old good arguments do not work anymore, ask yourself questions: “Do I want to think wisely and find better solutions? Do I need to be more stress-resistant and ready for a risk?” If you say “yes”, get ready for the next lesson on foreign language!

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