Writing a Better Academic Paper: How Can This be Accomplished?

It may be a surprise for you, but judging by the academic papers you produce, it can be easily told, if you can become a good writer. Most importantly, writing an essay or other paper requires not only being good with words and ability to operate them freely and effectively. What is also included is the need to apply critical thinking and ability to analyze the facts, being careful with the details and the sufficient way to convince the reader with the facts and style of writing. There are a lot of things that should be remembered while composing a paper, and here are the basic but most effective ones.

Struggling with the paper

Start with the outline

While a lot of students underestimate the role of planning the paper, this process leads to improving the speed of work and the quality of the final paper. You should remember, that outlining requires some pre-research, therefore, you start writing having a basic impression of the information you should include. More importantly, you already have a personal point of view, that you will support throughout your text.

Avoid stress before/while writing

Stress is a block. It is a huge obstacle on the way to clear thinking and coming up with strong arguments, as well as will not let you complete a thorough analysis of the subject. Therefore, you need to care about:

  • Having enough time to complete the assignment. Checking the time every few minutes does not add to the efficiency of writing.
  • Not being disturbed. Turn off the phone and use the Web only to search for the data needed. It is slower, but much better to work with books while writing the paper. Not only this will keep you off distraction, but will also give you the feeling of being certain about the source and your point.
  • Creating a good atmosphere. Try to make the place as good to work in as possible. You can play the music silently while writing, if it is how you got used to be working.

Zen and books

Think critically and use quotations

Critical thinking is essential while creating a paper that can involve the reader, make them interested in the topic or the subject in general. Quoting is needed to support your point, as well as it gives the impression of a careful work.

Work step by step

This not only means planning what to write next, but also stands for reading what you have wrote before. This will help you find the logical and grammar errors, as well as will help your essay look a harmonic unit, while your paragraphs will be linked by meaning. Try to link them with appropriate words, constructions and rhetorical questions.

Use examples

Even if you understand the topic really well, it is always better to avoid explaining it on your own. You can do it in the classroom, but not while writing the essay. Use examples to illustrate your point. You can add short conclusions and explanations after you have indicated the example.

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