Meeting New Friends: Tips


Imagine you just entered university and now you have to face new people in your group. You will surely feel a great desire to get to know others better, but it might not be so easy for those who are shy or unconfident. Although that is just a matter of time, as you will get used to your peers very soon. At the beginning of each new meeting people have some common fears that others might mock them if they try to make friends. But in most cases that is just a misapprehension. Trying to be friendly with as many people as possible is better than sitting alone and dreaming about making friends. We present you simple recommendations which you should remember when making friends and presenting yourself.

Tip # 1 Be Yourself

Don’t try to imitate someone else or pretend to be someone instead of just showing your personality. Sooner or later, people will see your «real face». So simply stop wasting your time. Besides, someone might like the sides of your personality which you want to hide. And remember those who cannot accept you the way you are or have some problems with your personality are not real friends and will never become them. So why should you change for them?

Tip # 2 Smile

Smiling can be treated as a sign of friendliness, so use this method as frequent as possible. Be friendly with people of different cultures, religions and worldviews. Try smiling to others on the way to your classroom instead of keeping your eyes on the floor.

Tip # 3 Be Helpful

People often might ask you for help so don’t hesitate and use this chance to make new friends. At the same time, make sure those «friends» are not simply using your inability to say «No».

Tip # 4 Make First Moves

Another useful thing to remember is that some people are as shy as you are. So imagine for a second two shy people meeting each other or being in a big company. They will probably sit in the corner and enjoy their loneliness until someone starts a conversation with them. Do you want to have such a scenario? Surely, you don’t. So don’t be afraid to make a first step. You should be the one to make a move. You can start your conversation by making a compliment and don’t forget to smile. You can talk about teachers, classes, hobbies etc.

Tip # 5 Share School Activities

Let’s imagine you like swimming and looking for someone who would share this joy with you. Now you have a whole group of new students who might also want to join. Don’t be afraid to ask and find someone who shares your interests and healthy way of life.

Tip # 6 Figure out Who Is Good and Bad

Try to pay as much attention to everyone as possible and see who are rude and lazy and who are polite and kind. Try to avoid the former, but not completely.
All in all, if you stick to these simple rules of making friends you’ll find out how pleasant this process is.

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