Calming Yourself Down, Fresh Employee

Nervous Person

The first job or internship experience can make anyone scared and nervous, even the most self-assured people feel tension and anxiety during the first couple of days or weeks. It's your first job, after all, you don't know anyone, you don't know anything about the organization and its rules yet, you are opening a new stage of your life, and of course, you might feel frightened and insecure. It's important to show yourself from the best side from the day one in order to make a good first impression. So how not to let your nervousness ruin everything? Here are some tips on how to calm yourself down.


While dealing with nervousness, good relationship with other employees in the office is crucial. Besides, you will feel yourself more calm and comfortable if you know there are people who can give you some assistance when you need it. Believe me, all your new coworkers will be eager to get to know you and it's important to befriend them. Since all those people know the company and its rules better than you do, they will be able to provide you with a lot of useful tips.

Figure Basic Things Out Beforehand

Okay, you got the job, so what is the next step? You can't come to the new workplace for the first time unaware of the basic things as it may show you from the unprofessional side. After calming yourself down from the anxiety of being hired, reach out to your new boss and figure out the date you should come for the first time, your working hours, any things or documents you should bring with you, what kind of clothes you can wear, etc. Even if it seems uncomfortable to ask so many questions, your supervisor will, most likely, appreciate it. It will show you as a thoughtful and dedicated employee that wants to become a part of the already existing team. Even something as small as lunch is important to figure out about. When will be your lunch-hour? Should you bring the food with you or will there be a cafe on the territory? Or will there be an office kitchen? Find all the basic things out and it will surely help you to feel less nervous during the first day.

Be Self-Assured

Of course, you might be feeling insecure in your knowledge and skills and that can make you lose your control. Just always remind yourself that this company hired you for a reason. Among all the other candidates, they have chosen you and that should mean a lot to you. You impressed them at the interview, you were hired, now it's time to believe in your strengths, gather your courage together and show your potential. Show that you can do anything and are ready to take any challenge! Show the best of you and you will surely rock your first day!

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