Methods of Organizing the Process of Writing


Spreading the curly vines of ideas from your head to your paper is no easy task. Even if you are sure about what you are going to write, getting started on the process may be challenging as well. Time limitations, the pressure of completing an assignment, or great expectations of the result all add to the hardship of surviving your trip through the jungle. So, what are some of the best methods to get equipped and organize your writing process?

Rain of Thoughts

Open your file or take your piece of paper and start writing. It should pour out of you like the rain in a tropical forest: do not stop to correct mistakes or worry about what you have written. Picture vividly the content of your essay or the idea for your creative assignment and write it all out. Even if your words are illogical, boring or repetitive, every raindrop should fall on your paper. Then, analyze your writing. After the rainfall, you will be amazed how much more clearly you can see what your strong points are, which ideas need developing or what needs to be cut down at the root.

tropical rainfall

Eagle Eye

Some people may understand the jungle of their thoughts better, if they fly over it. Looking over the whole panorama at once allows seeing your paper objectively, and focusing on the logical structure of your writing. Cohesion is indispensable when it comes to presenting your thoughts to another person. Structure your work with such words as “At first”, “Secondly”, “Finally”, “Adding to the point”, “That’s why”, “In conclusion”, “On the other hand”.

jungle panorama

Keyword Hunter

Sometimes, it is easier to write, if you have an anchor to ground you. Imagine that your future paper could be summarized with just ten words. What would they be? List them out on a separate piece of paper, and place it beside your work. These are your key words that will be the guiding light of your writing process. Make sure to include all ten of them in your work, and expand them if needed. This way you will feel how to organize your writing process and leave nothing unmentioned.

Exotic Beasts of Details

You have a clear idea of the desired outcome, but you fear that when written, it will not be as exciting as it appears in your head? In such case, concentrate on the wild fauna of your mind jungle. Detailing is one of the most interesting parts of any story. Imagine that you are retelling your adventure to a friend, and concentrate on the features that stand out. There is a difference between announcement that you saw a leopard, and in-detail description about sharp claws, distinctive fur and dangerous eyes of the beast you encountered.

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