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Self-Criticism Essay Sample

Self-Criticism Writing

Self-criticism is a special ability of a person to perceive themselves and their life reflexively, to look for their own mistakes and lacks in thoughts, behavior and actions by themselves. That is the ability which is normal for people who are mentally mature and developed ones.

Six Ways to Get a Positive Experience from One’s Own Fails

Considering Failures

You probably heard about making failures and learning from them to be the best way of achieving perfection. It is much easier to say about that, than to do it. Sometimes, society punishes a person for their mistakes hardly. Being able to get some life lessons from them is the pure art that nobody can teach you. You have to study it on your own. Here are six ways to do that, learnt by expert essay writers.

Student’s Essay Sample & Materials: What is Perfectionism?

Perfectionism Essay

Perfectionism: is it good or bad? That is a complicated question, and there are both “pro” and “contra arguments. There are people thinking that perfectionism means undisputable attention to details and careful task completion, which give a person a serious advantage in a competitive environment. But does one’s daring to perfection really helps and makes sense? From this article, you can see that point of view to be wrong.