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Role of Teachers: Essay

Students in Classroom

The profession of a teacher is underestimated sometimes, as many people think that their task is only to deliver a lecture. However, it clearly requires more. The work of a perfect pedagogue goes far beyond schooling. What’s more, the teacher is one who impacts students greatly, and development of some their qualities depends on him. Very often, kids choose their lecturer as a grand example in the life. Here are several points about teacher’s role and its importance.

Meeting New Friends: Tips


Imagine you just entered university and now you have to face new people in your group. You will surely feel a great desire to get to know others better, but it might not be so easy for those who are shy or unconfident. Although that is just a matter of time, as you will get used to your peers very soon. At the beginning of each new meeting, people have some common fears that others might mock them if they try to make friends. But in most cases that is just a misapprehension. Trying to be friendly with as many people as possible is better than sitting alone and dreaming about making friends. We present you simple recommendations which you should remember when making friends and presenting yourself.

How to Overcome Shyness

Shy Person

We always admire successful people: they are confident, and it seems it was so easy for them to achieve such heights that we do not dare to dream. It’s all because we are shy and notorious. Shyness doesn’t allow us to live a full life, taking from it the best. It limits our abilities and skills. More precisely, we are restricting ourselves: we do not know how to overcome shyness.

Memoir Essay: How to Make It Readable, Informative, Entertaining and Thought-Provoking


Until nowadays scientists from all over the world have been trying to find out how human memory actually works and what mechanisms are responsible for creating, storing and reproducing all our recollections. What we know for sure is that memory is an extremely powerful thing. It may be characterized as a sort of particular and very strong mental impetus which usually prompts us to act in this or that way.