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Fall Internship Search: Ways to Make It Easier

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Every student dreams of landing a perfect internship and then a full-time job. But the path to making it work is very tough and demanding, considering all the stuff you have to think about. It is even more nerve-wreaking if you have decided for a fall internship which you will have to manage along with your studying. Even tougher – but is surely possible, right? Even if it’s still the middle of the summer, it’s time to start thinking about it so to be well-prepared for the application season.

Visiting Lectures: Do I Need to Hear it?

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Usually, the majority of students are not taking lectures too seriously. They understand that this is an effective resource of new information, the method of contact with the teacher, the area for questions and answers. However, sometimes what we get while visiting lectures seems so boring, that the idea of reading a classic novel gives us much more enthusiasm. Are the lectures worth visiting and how to select the most important things among the uncountable amount of information that is needed to be digested? Let’s try to understand.

Build a Perfect Student Vocabulary Quickly

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Words are the bricks which we use to build relationships with other people to:absorb, revise and recreate. Dive into the sea of available information to find out more and more words. Even if you do not understand them all, soon enough you will discover that through exposure to the information, you will have gained enormous amounts of building material.

Calming Yourself Down, Fresh Employee

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The first job or internship experience can make anyone scared and nervous, even the most self-assured people feel tension and anxiety during the first couple of days or weeks. It's your first job, after all, you don't know anyone, you don't know anything about the organization and its rules yet, you are opening a new stage of your life, and of course you might feel frightened and insecure. It's important to show yourself from the best side from the day one in order to make a good first impression. So how not to let your nervousness ruin everything? Here are some tips on how to calm yourself down.