Student tips

Starting a Thank You Message to a Professor

Cool Professor

A number of people vastly affect our lives. Starting from our parents, relatives, celebrities and friends, our professors also play a great role in shaping our personalities. Not to mention that the knowledge they give us, will stay with us forever. When we graduate, we often feel like we need to express our gratitude to our professor with a thoughtful letter.

Online Learning: Effective Approach

Laptop and Books

There are a lot of online courses on various topics: you can learn ancient history, foreign languages and even how to write a motivation letter. Online learning gives you a possibility to study at the best universities in the world. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? You have a great opportunity to subscribe for lots of courses, but eventually you understand that you neither have time for it nor learn effectively. It’s high time to change your approach!

Foreign Language and Looking for Solutions: Develop Skills Simultaneously

Language Learning

We have good news for those who find it challenging to look for solutions. Recently, scientists supposed that to make a proper decision within a short time frame you need to think it over in a foreign language. There were a series of experiments performed with more than 300 of the USA and Korean citizens subjected. The researches have confirmed that thinking in another language decreases the influence of the set standards and stereotypes. Moreover, using a foreign language changes the attitude to the risky and stressful cases.

Stages of Twenty-Page Term Paper Writing Every Student Comes Through

Stressed Student

Being a senior student surely have its perks but having to write huge term papers for almost all the subjects cannot be considered as one of those. Even if writing is your hobby and usually you like to do it, there is something about having to complete twenty-page paper on the most boring subject that possibly exists with forty sources cited might just bane your existence completely.