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Loving Everyone Means Loving No One: Essay on Polyamory

Polyamory Couples

“Loving everyone means loving no one.” This is what the famous wisdom tells us, persuading that one partner in love is everything we need in our personal life to get happiness. And here is a place to think – whether it is a universal wisdom or, perhaps, oppressive manipulation? Nowadays we are living in the free liberal society, where the personal life is our own choice and business of everyone. However, when we suddenly find out that there is a person among our acquaintances who has two/three or more lovers, most of us feel a strong disapproval about this deed…or even disgust.

Succeed in Doing Homework with the Help of Flashcards

Flashcards for Students

Flashcards are a great tool for doing homework. When you need to learn a paragraph, rereading it several times creates a feeling of familiarity with the text. Unfortunately, it does not work this way. Remember a situation when you have read the same piece of text another time, and it seems that you already know it, but you still cannot sum it up. Flashcards are created for this purpose.

Internet Fact-Checking Basis for Students

Student Checking Facts

In 2016 the Oxford dictionary editors recognized the neologism “post-truth” to be the word of the year. This is how people describe the situation when appellation to emotions and personal convictions becomes the main factor to form public opinion, and facts are neglected. Fakes got spread on the Internet long ago, but discussing them has become a mainstream topic only in recent times. Fakes fear everyone, but not many people really know how to resist their influence.