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Essay on Racism: Does Academia Really Care About the Issue?

White and Black Students

This is one of those delicate topics you should write about very carefully. Racial bias in our world wasn’t eliminated with the victory of the North in the American Civil War, as some folks might naively believe. (Yes, I know such guys.) What’s more, the events of that time attested to the fact that the color of person’s skin could become the determining factor in her well-being.

Film Review Writing Sample – Maze Runner: The Death Cure

Film Review Writing

It is important to note, that the final part of “Maze Runner” trilogy – “Maze Runner: The Death Cure” – was one year late to the premiere because of Dilan O’Brien’s serious injury (the head actor got his cheekbone crashed during the automobile trick performance). The interest of viewers and studios about teenage fiction plots decreased within this time, especially if to talk about anti-utopia and post-apocalypse settings.