Ph.D. Introduction: We Won`t Let You Ruin It


The hardest part of any work is the beginning. And I know it for sure because it took me quite some time to come up with the opening sentence of this article. And that was my problem too each and every time I needed to do my essay at college.

As you can see, it would have been better if I had dedicated a bit more time to that creative process. But the beginnings are hard indeed! Whether it`s the start of a relationship or the beginning of a new semester (don`t get me started on all the hell that this merciless time brings).

Yes, your Ph.D. introduction will make you run around the house hoping to catch any idea which you can fit into your head.

Days and days can pass before you come up with a decent couple of sentences to describe your masterpiece for which you have given up everything. Just like in that Camilla Cabello’s song. She sings she gave her blood, sweat, heart, and tears to “you”. Well, not to you personally. But you`ve got the point.

That`s just incredibly relatable to any university assignment.

Nevertheless, you don`t have a choice, you need to write that introduction. What is more, you`ll have to write the whole thesis.

But one problem at a time. Let`s see what we can do with your first part of this huge work. And in case you still have questions, you can find more answers on this site.

Introduction Doesn`t Mean a Beginning

By the way, if you want to show off, you can use the word “prolegomenon” instead of “introduction”, but make sure you pronounce it right. However, I doubt that anybody knows this word, so just pronounce it the way you find the most comfortable for your tongue.

No matter the name of this part of an academic paper, it doesn`t necessarily have to be written before other parts. It may seem logical just like when you take off the clothes before taking a shower and not vice versa. But here we`ll advise you to change your habits a bit.

The final draft of the introduction should be finished last. It often happens that the topic of your thesis or the angle of your research slightly changes while you`re working on it, so the introduction that you wrote in the beginning may not precisely introduce the actual dissertation. That`s a serious mistake that professors won`t be willing to forgive, so pay a close attention to your final version of the introduction.

No “Copy & Paste”, Try to “Read & Analyze”

There are two main approaches that students have when it comes to writing a thesis. Some are taking a look at similar examples, analyze them, and come to conclusions they can use in their own papers.

Others are sure that it won`t let them write an original and unique work. They still subconsciously try to imitate other dissertations.

However, the first variant is still better. We`re not trying to push you around. Obviously, there is no intention of imposing any opinions here. But it`s better for you if you learn from mistakes of other people than from your own.

Nothing Happens out of the Blue

So you`ve chosen a topic. There definitely must be a reason why you decided to do research on this issue. Tell about it!

Mentioning your motivation is highly important here. It will show your mature approach to a certain problem, and you will make yourself look like a real scientist. Yeah, we know you`re a real scientist, but your work also has to serve as an indicator of this title, don`t you agree?

Besides motivation, you should include brief but specific background information. What are the historical milestones of the development of the field you`re writing about? How did the formation of your personal interest in the topic begin? A little personal story in the introduction also seems like a possibility.

Do You Possess Any Marketing Skills?

On Sale

Even if you despise all kinds of adverts and are eager to click on that “Skip” icon as soon as possible, you`ll still have to learn at least some basics of marketing. Why? You`ll have to sell your own dissertation.

I have this strong feeling that you might have gotten me wrong here. You have to describe your work in the introduction in the most appealing way, so everybody would like to read it till the end.

It`s like a movie trailer which will include the best jokes and special effects of the film. Some most prominent and interesting highlights from your Ph.D. should be included, but don`t give it all out in the introduction. Readers want to know how it ends. Who says that intrigue is only for drama?

You Need the PEE

What kind of childish laughter am I hearing? Or you actually know what PEE stands for, don`t you? Point, Evidence, and Explanation. That`s a golden rule of every introduction that you`ll ever write in your life.

Seriously, this formula is a life saver. It`s practically the core of your intro. Do you know those pictures where elephants are holding the Earth? Well, their names will be Point, Evidence, and Explanation, and they are holding your whole thesis. You simply can`t go on with your life without knowing the PEE.

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