Having a Roommate Will Improve Your Health


What were your expectations of a college dormitory? Did you think that it would be all fun and awesome like in one of those sitcoms? “How I Met Your Mother” is obviously a great TV-show, but it has one major disadvantage. It`s highly unrealistic! You may think that you`ll become best friends with your roommie, and you`ll have cool pajamas parties. And by the way, these events aren`t just for girls so don`t be all judgy; and also writing a review on it is easy on idoassignment.

A Struggle of a Planetary Scale

Truth be told, having a roommate can be rather stressful. That person may even drive you absolutely crazy. Especially when you have different sleeping regimes, types of personalities (extraverted VS introverted, and that rarely works out very well). Of course, you`re a smart pumpkin and you do realize that living with a total stranger can be harsh for both of you. You need to adjust to another person`s habits and tastes.

But what if you decide to trick the system, and instead of trying to get along with a totally unknown person, you`ll just move in with your friend? Why not? You had a pretty good time on that mountain trip and you were staying in the same hotel room, so you already know what living with your bestie is like. Yet, despite your huge desire to replicate one of the “Friends” seasons, you must know that it won`t be easy as well.

A Person to Talk to Even If They Don`t Want This

Roommate T-Shirt

Enough with sad thoughts! We have some great news to cheer you up! A new scientific study has discovered that having a roommate is great for your health, it has all kinds of advantages.

People who lack social interactions live shorter. Here we`re again with the negative news. Okay, how about this: people who have roommates live longer. Sounds much better, huh?

We need communication or at least a presence of some other human being somewhere around us. This way we feel like we are a part of a social group. Yes, this group is small, but it’s still better than nothing. When we talk to other people, we feel happy because of the process of socializing. This boosts our energy, mood, and all-in-all wellbeing.

And don`t even get me started on the money you`re going to save! Perhaps, this article that you can check out right away will be even more persuasive.

Another Health Issue

Having a roommate is good for your wellbeing not only because of socializing and its beneficial influence on both mental and physical health. We live in a dangerous world, and don`t you dare to try to disagree with me.

Yes, the 21st century isn`t as terrifying as the Middles Ages with its inquisition or the 19th century with painful surgeries. But it does have its fair share of scary things. All electrical devices, for example. They pose an incredible danger if used irresponsibly.

And what kind of human being is responsible in their early twenties? So, living with someone means that you`ll be saved from electric shock, drowning in a bathroom, or being burnt alive when the flame is devouring your room.

Okay, fine, I exaggerated it a bit. But you`ve got to admit that it`s nice to have a person by your side who will be able to get you to the hospital in case you fall on the stairs and break your leg. Thousands of lives are saved annually in households just because there is another human being to provide help.

You`ll Go Straight to Heaven After This

What if I tell you that there is a way to get an affordable place to live (which will even be all cool and fancy), a great wise roommate who won`t throw rowdy parties, and will be okay with your unwillingness to wash the dishes straight after the dinner? Oh, and this will be an incredibly huge plus to your karma or whatever that thing you`re into. Sounds pretty appealing, huh? That`s what administration of London thought and decided that it would be nice if students were living with older citizens.

I know that this idea may not seem all peachy at first, but give it a little bit more thought. This article will help you with it. This program works only in London for now, but soon, I`m sure, it will be more widespread. Older people feel extremely lonely in their homes, so they are looking for roommates or housemates. This cohabitation can be beneficial for you and your roommie, who will be (let`s say a bit) older than you.

The first reason why students start living with older people is the money issue. Sounds a bit pragmatically, but it`s true. When it comes to London, it`s absolutely impossible to find a good and affordable place to live. You`ll either end up living in the suburbs and will have to take three buses to get to your university or having to pay two-thirds of your budget for a studio apartment in a more or less good district.

So, take your time, think about it, and remember that having a roommate is fun 99% of the time. If it’s not fun at all, then we got your back in cases your essay writing process gets constantly interrupted.

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