Writer’s Review: All You Need to Know About Self-Development Books

One day I needed to do an essay for my blog of and about non-fiction novelties. So, I came to a book store and passed by shelves with modern literature. Self-development literature stood apart and attracted my attention. “Become Stronger”, “Dream the Right Way”, “Be a Miracle”, “Earn Your Billion”, “Do It Now”. The commanding tone of the titles confused me and made me think that there was something wrong with my personality without that book. Well, does somebody need to change themselves at all?

Book Review

Many of those books are marked as “bestsellers”, and their annotations convince that your life will change after reading them. If that is true, should I read all books or a single one is enough? How to find out which one will be effective? And the main point: how to measure the level of life changes after reading it? Here is what I think about once I see these books that are so popular in my country.

Many people often consider motivational literature as psychology handbooks, which seem to be magic sticks helping to (quickly) satisfy all needs for good job, relationships, and career growth. So, people who are not happy with their life situation, dare to dive into them. It is often said that one shouldn’t necessarily be a graduate of the psychology faculty as it is enough to read certain literature.

But when choosing such book, one should pay attention not only to “the world’s bestselling book” label on it, but to its author too. I have no doubts about the power of psychology. But I do have doubts about every book titled “How to Become Successful in Communication” to be specialized and useful.

An additional reason for you to choose motivational books carefully is that your needs are individual and depend on tasks you need to complete. For simple tasks a book that will light your will to do something could be enough. This is how you receive external motivation.

But if there is any long-lasting problem, then not only will external motivation be less effective, but it will also have a negative effect. People need to understand the point in order to solve such problems successfully.

What’s the Point?

One should use motivational books as one of the ways (often not the key one) to reach the goal. Psychologists confirm this statement. It is even more effective to use the training interactions that form the skills to overcome barriers required for one’s development. Such trainings can be supported by reliable motivational books. It is even worth doing.

The Canadian writer and businessman David Cane has investigated the effect of motivational rules on himself for 7 years. He made notes about the discoveries in his personal blog. The conclusion he made says that humans have developed a culture that preserves their internal feeling of tiredness, hunger, readiness to buy their comfort and distractions.

And what is the most important, people go on being unsatisfied with their lives, so they constantly want something they do not own. They buy that much because it always seems to them that they still lack something.

Review Writing

Reading books about self-development and psychology has become trendy, but the effect of such books is temporary. One of the students who I discussed this topic with told me: “At first, I was excited about a new book. I read it and made notes about useful tips. But with time my inspiration and will decreased. At this moment, I do not remember even the simplest rules from that piece of writing.”

Self-development books do not lose their popularity, but you should not forget what their main point is. Every person has a unique type of perception and way of thinking, so there can’t be one effective recommendation able to influence everyone’s communication skills or income levels in a positive way.

It is worth devoting some time to experiment on yourself, to watch your actions and decisions. You can add other people’s recommendations to your own ones in order to make them more comfortable and perfect. Or you can reject any of them at all.

It is your call only.

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