Serendipity: Something That Your Student Life Desperately Needs

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No, we`re not trying to show off that we know all kinds of smart words. Because we don`t. At least not all of them! Just like you, we found out about such phenomenon as serendipity only a while ago, and it turned out to be so fascinating that we couldn`t wait to share this information with our dear readers.

Any preambles aside, serendipity is basically a lucky coincidence. Something like when you are going down the street minding your own business and find money or a lottery ticket which will bring you lots of cash.

Or it`s when you wake up early in the morning, find yourself sitting at the desk, get shocked that you probably didn`t finish homework, but discover an assigned essay saved on the computer desktop. Can you imagine my joy? That`s my personal story, actually. Once I had to do my research paper late at night, completed it, but fell asleep right on the keyboard. Honestly, when I found it on the desktop, I practically believed in a miracle!

But let`s get back to the core of our topic. Turns out, serendipity is a whole conception or even science. There are lucky people who got everything they have by total coincidence, and they just catch success effortlessly.

There are other people who are doing their best to achieve goals, they are a hard-working kind.

And there are people who can be placed somewhere in between. Yes, they are lucky, they notice any chance the fate is offering them, and they try to turn any unfortunate situation into a success. This third category of humans knows a lot about serendipity.

I bet now you want to know more about this concept as well. Don`t worry, it`s not a sect. It`s only a pretty special way of thinking.

That`s Where It Came From

Bacteria in Petri Dish

Any phenomenon has a history, and serendipity is no exception. Do you know what the main principle of this concept is? You need to appear at the right place at the right time. Many Hollywood actors got into business this way.

For example, an Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence was noticed by one of Los Angeles agents right in the heart of New York City, and that`s how her brilliant career started. You have to learn how to spot the opportunities and not to miss out on them.

Anyway, we`ve promised you a little bit of the history. An English writer Horace Walpole was the very first to use the term “serendipity”. It happened a while ago (in 1754). He wrote a letter where he noted that serendipity was a discovery made accidentally.

If you dig deeper into the history of many scientific discoveries, you`ll see that many of them can serve as bright examples of this concept. Archimedes and his principle (the one which describes an upward buoyant force) was a result of a totally usual action. A Greek scientist just got into the bathroom, and it hit him.

How about Alexander Fleming? You may not be a huge fan of biology, but you must remember that story about laziness which helped to make a scientific breakthrough. Yep, I`ve always said that laziness doesn`t necessarily represent a bad thing or a sin, as some people may try to convince you.

So, Dr. Fleming didn`t feel like he was in a mood of washing his Petri dishes, and the next morning he saw some mildew in them which later was turned into antibiotics called penicillin. This discovery has saved lives of millions if not billions of people.

There are more stories about serendipity that you can find right in this article.

It`s an Ability You Could Use Too

You may think that noticing possibilities is some kind of a talent or a gift. Not really. You actually develop it. That`s where the things get interesting, huh?

The researchers from the University of Hertfordshire in Great Britain have presented a list of human traits, defining the people who are great at applying serendipity. So, if you want to be one of them, you have to learn how to perceive everything that happens to you as an experience. Even if it`s a negative event, it`s still an opportunity.

Those people are trying to learn from everybody who surrounds them. They know how and when they should listen to intuition, they trust their “gut instinct”. Such people rarely give up even if things don`t go according to a plan. And most importantly, they learn from their mistakes. That`s a talent that each of us could use actually.

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