Single Motherhood: Writing on Sociology About Single Mother Challenges

Expectant Mother

In our world the family is the most important thing we have. In addition, there is a tendency, which is increasing. It’s the tendency to be a single mother. How to write a paper on Sociology concerning this matter?

What You Need to Do, if Things Didn't Go the Way You Want?

In any case, to be a mother is very stressful and requires a lot of moral strength and responsibility. A single motherhood is more difficult, because there is only one person, not two. Any trouble can happen with everyone, and sometimes a woman may stay face-to-face with a difficult dilemma: what she must do, if the father of the child categorically refused to be a dad? This is a great emotional load for a mother.

The General Problems: Time

The first thing is a lack of time: not everybody can sit with the child. This is great, if there are parents or grandparents, who can do it instead of the mom; hiring a nanny is often a luxury for most of people. In this difficult situation most women adjust their work schedule to the child; they often find friends, who can temporarily stay with a baby. Over time the child goes to a kindergarten, and then the situation will be much easier.

The Financial Troubles

The second problem is lack of money. There is often lack of money even for essential commodities for single mothers. A maternity leave is an extremely difficult period: the child requires a maximum of attention, and, at the same time, the mother has no financial support. However, there are government benefits and financial help for each mother, who is in a quandary. There are disposable and monthly payments, so you should contact the nearest government service.

The Opinion of Mass

So, what about the opinion of others? According to opinion of mass, the absence of a child’s father means an inadequate family. Compassionate or arrogant eyes often pursue a young mother with a little child, and that creates an additional emotional stress. In addition, a woman who gives her child all love, strength and time for a long period then may not let her or him go; may be jealous, or won't let her child choose his own way of life. However, she should accept that, anyway, everyone has own life, but every child will never forget his mother.

Not a Coincidence, but a Conscious Choice

However, there are also women who have chosen this way by themselves. People don't always treat their choice with understanding, but now the trend of motherhood without men have formed into a separate stream. Every woman has own reasons for her choice, but over time each understands all the possible difficulties. The responsibility can be very difficult emotionally, with tears, sleepless nights, panic thoughts. In this situation it is necessary to think well, to weigh all the circumstances. In any case, you have to listen to yourself, not to opinion of other people.

Just Don't Worry!

Women with a Psychologist

In general, it is believed that a harmonious upbringing of the child is impossible without a dad, especially for boys, but this idea is wrong: sociological tests show that any person, whether they are male or female, can supersede both of parents, if it is with the right approach. The child needs someone who can support, who will be a good friend, rather than a mother-educator. Of course, a mother can be a true friend to her child, can't she? It all depends on her attitude. The main thing is not to fall into despair: there is a way out of any case. A good solution is to ask for help of a psychologist; a good specialist can help to deal with thoughts and feelings. The most important thing is the support of the close people. Life goes on, and all problems will be resolved or depreciated, if a person properly treats them.

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