The reasons to smile

We trust to the ones who smile more.

Nowadays, there is a term “professional smile” – it means, that such people as sales managers, client managers, waitresses, those, who work in beauty sphere or any other, connected with dealing with people, “wear” a smile as a part of their uniform. It is proved that smile raises our trust for 10%! And even if we know that smiling is a part of someone’s job, we still trust him/her more than his/her grumpy college. Why not to use it for your own good?

Healthy smile

Smile helps us to be healthier and to live longer.

It is proven that even if you don’t feel like smiling, by just raising the corners of your lips and leaving them in this position for some time, you automatically start feeling better. Another fact – among the sportsmen, who were on one of the photos, the ones who smiled lived 8 years longer comparing to their teammates! Why not to add yourself a couple of years by doing something as simple as smiling?

Smile helps us to concentrate and to be more attentive.

Sometimes we fail just because our nerves don’t let us see clearly what is the question or what is going on, and smile is a great tool to deal with that. A research of one of the universities has proven, that the ones who took a deep breath and smiled before starting a test turned out to be much more successful and got higher grades than the ones who didn’t do those simple things. Take a moment and help your brain!


Smile makes you more likable.

Another experiment, carried by 2 psychologies, has proved that smile makes a person more likable. While conducting this experiment they have found out that when an eye contact is made, 20% of the men get interested in a woman, but when she smiles at the same time, this number raises to 60%!

Smile hides your feelings.

There are some times when we do not want the whole world to know that we are not feeling that great and smile works as a hiding tool here. It works in many cases, but there are ways how you can find a whether the smile is real. In a fake one person is using only the corners of his/her lips, while in the genuine one the eyes are smiling as well. Another thing – if a smile slowly appears on the one’s face, there are much more chances that it is a real one, than when it appears in a second. Many people have more trust to the “slow” smile and find it more likable. Be honest in your smiles, and people will feel it!

Infect others with a smile.

An experiment shows that 50% of people answer with the same thing on a smile. There is a short French documentary, where a person gets in the subway with a smile and then starts laughing. Frowned people around at first look at him with a surprise, then with disapproval, then with sympathy, then start smiling and in the end the whole carriage bursts in sincere laughter. Infect others with your good mood and make someone’s day a bit better!

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