Steroids Essay: Pros and Cons

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This topic is very popular among both professional athletes and ordinary gym visitors. We see perfect human’s bodies on the magazines’ coverings and sport nutrition advertisements. No wonder that young boys and girls want to look like it. However, even if one trains hard and eats clean, their shape is not that good. That supports the opinion that to get perfect results in the gym steroids are necessary. Here are several points which considered being advantages of steroids.

Better Sport Results

It is not a secret that popularity of anabolic steroids is their ability to increase strength, speed and endurance. That’s why most professionals use it while training. Human’s body as a result needs less time for recovery, muscles are getting bigger and bigger and man does higher pain tolerance. That way, athletes become able to train every day or even twice a day to get ready for contest. Moreover, steroids can help one to overcome genetics. They are the thing that may transform slouching weak boy into massive muscled man.

Used as Treatment

Steroids have a wide usage in medicine and despite a typical opinion they don’t have many side effects. It is helpful in different spheres, in cancer patients’ therapy, for recovery after traumas, operations or singes. Moreover it is using for regeneration of hormonal system. If one strictly follows doctors’ recommendations he will not suffer from any negative effects.

Mental Effect

An opinion that steroids help to overcome stress exists. Furthermore, it makes athlete more confident, they feel psychological lifted and have more desire to train. As a result their results are increasing and training becomes easier. It is especially important if one is under coach’s and public’s pressure.

At the same time many negative points of using steroids exist. Here are some of them.

Unfair Competition

Often professional athletes try to cheat while having a doping control, so the contest results may not be clear. Moreover, it is dishonest relating to other competitors. Such situations lead to degeneration of sport community at all. The weight of hard work and training is declining.

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Danger for Health

There are a lot of researches and articles that prove the danger of steroids for human’s health. However, it doesn’t stop young people. Sportsmen use large doses of such kind of drugs and it affects all systems and organs. Liver suffers a lot, using of oral steroids can even lead to cancer of this organ. The cardio vascular system is being influenced badly, the blood pressure increases and the risk of various heart diseases appears. It leads to headaches, insomnia and dyspnea. Moreover, active users of steroids can have myocardial infarction and heart failure.

Skin Problems

It is true that usage of steroids can lead to different skin problems, it becomes oily and acne appears all over the body. Furthermore, it doesn’t disappear without a trace. Your skin will become much worse and unattractive.

Teenagers Use It

Teenagers who usually visit a gym may start using it because of the influence of older fellows or desire to become muscled and strong during short period of time. For young body, steroids are even more harmful, as organism’ systems cannot normally develop.

Summing up, trade of steroids should be strictly controlled by the special organs, as its harmful impact on the human’s organism is proved by many researches. In addition, ordinary people have to stop copying professionals and be aware of danger of such kind of drugs.

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