An Effective Strategy for Students to Become Successful Professionals

The main point is: do not stop on what you achieved. No matter if it’s a high grade for the done research paper or promotion to a team lead at a cool IT company.

It seems that after finishing a successful project you can enjoy your life and count incomes. But it is too early to relax. The best marketing strategy in this case is to start a new project. If you are a writer, start writing a new book. If you are an actor, look for a new role. If you are a businessman, establish a new company.

Becoming a Pro

Would “The Godfather” be that successful if it was just one film, not a trilogy? Would “Hobbit” become that popular without “The Lord of the Rings”? Marketers understood the importance of such strategy long ago.

To create a long-living project, one needs to spend time, not just sit and wait for something. One needs to go on moving and creating new projects.

Researchers reviewed this in music. They’ve found out that sales of previously released records grow as a musician releases a new album. This happens due to the appearance of new information. Users find out things about a singer and buy his or her old recordings.

This phenomenon is not limited to arts only. Apple never stops promoting iPod and iPhone after their first appearance. They release improved versions of these products almost every year. And consumers wait for the news ever more passionately every single time.

Each new product of the company is connected to the existing ones in order to get more customers involved. This was a part of the business strategy developed by Steve Jobs.

Once you did something and it turned really good, don’t stop. Go and do something else. Just plan what must be next.

Woodie Allen shares this opinion too. He has filmed one movie per year for several decades. He tries to reach quality with the help of quantity. He says that if to create a lot of movies, there sometimes comes the one which is outstanding.

You improve your mastery and increase your chance to create something beautiful and long-lasting with every try. The point is: create, create, and create again.

This does not mean you need to agree with everything and hope some project to shoot out loudly and hit the target. Many make this very mistake though.

How to Go for Improvement

Here is what you need to do instead:

  • Be discerning;
  • Concentrate on long-term perspectives;
  • Be open to new things but choose thoroughly what you agree with;
  • Prefer ideas that stand a chance to become eternal.

You are not a designer after you draw a thing in Photoshop. Not everyone who published a book becomes a writer. That is just a person who published a book.

A Successful Writer

You need to write many books to become a writer. You need to create many companies to become a real businessman.

Yes, there are many talented people who created just one thing. Mark Zuckerberg is still a businessman, and Harper Lee is still a writer. But wouldn’t the world become better if they created something else? Why should the first project become the last one?

It is not enough to do one thing well. Do more. Don’t stop after the first lucky try thinking that you’ve already left your epic creative footprint. Prove that you can do that again and again.

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