10 Facts on Studying that Will Help You Survive: Part 2

Here is the second part of the article about 10 scientific facts that will help you survive during studies.

  • 6. Relax!

    Relax even if homework tasks and projects fall on you like a snowstorm, if toughest exams and strictest teachers await for you in the nearest future, so you do not have time to sleep or make some sandwiches! Do not make yourself rush in any case! The absence of a resting habit is not about your power of will or great performance. Researchers reveal that breaks between learning blocks help you memorize the material better than the endless learning by heart.

    Relaxation Background

    According to a cognitive load theory, human’s working memory has its bandwidth ability limited. Psychologists state that the information should be divided into seven blocks in order to remember it better. It has something in common with eating divided into small portions.

  • 7. Don’t Get Up at 5 AM to Finish Learning

    Sleep experts warn that it is not effective to try learning things by heart in the morning. Moreover, it can lead to a fast sleep disorders. Fast sleep phase is responsible for information processing.

  • 8. Make Your Studying Different

    Mix up lecture videos with text material and practical tasks. Researchers show that it is easier for a student to memorize the material if they use various types of sources in one session. It seems that people can reveal deeper connections when using different materials.

  • 9. Test Yourself

    Make some kind of control works for yourself. Tests not only help you estimate your knowledge. They can help your brain get prepared to find the required information in your memory. Students who passed a test after studying kept the info memorized for a period longer than students who read the paragraph twice.

  • 10. Forget About Dry Eating

    Dry Eating Forbidden

    Learn how to cook instead of running to a vending machine for chocolate and chips or eating in fast food restaurants. Of course, this will take you some time but you’ll save much money. Plus to this, the research of Oxford University showed: students who had eaten fat products for five days in a row passed attention and thinking tests worse than those who had a normal and balanced diet.

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