Stages of Twenty-Page Term Paper Writing Every Student Comes Through

Stressed Student

Being a senior student surely have its perks but having to write huge term papers for almost all the subjects cannot be considered as one of those. Even if writing is your hobby and usually you like to do it, there is something about having to complete twenty-page paper on the most boring subject that possibly exists with forty sources cited might just bane your existence completely. As any other student, you, most likely, are too familiar with procrastination and already experienced the stages of writing a twenty-page paper, here are some of them:


This stage begins from the first day you receive your assignment. You just keep saying to yourself that you have plenty of time and it’s okay to postpone starting the process of writing for a couple of days. You don’t bother checking the requirements or attending this class as everything is fine and you still have enough time to write the paper. This routine usually lasts till the moment you have only 2-3 days left and that is when the realization that you have completed nothing hits you. It’s also the moment Stage II begins.


How this professor is so unfair and makes us do all this work when we have other classes as well? How can I possibly complete 20 pages within 2 days if I still have 4 other assignments needed to be done? How can this topic even be required for this class? Why have I chosen it as my major? Why haven’t I started to write it earlier? What am I going to do now? Familiar questions? Yes, that is the stage of anger.


At this stage, you begin to clearly understand that there is no way you can complete this paper within the time left and start searching the alternative ways. You try to ask your professor for a couple of days of extension after admitting that you have written only a small part of it. The lecturer might be angry but usually doesn’t mind to move the due date for a couple of days if you know how to hold the right cards.


I have tons of things to do to complete this paper so I’m just going to cry. I’m crying because of the paper, because of everything I need to do, about the upcoming finals week, and about all the other stuff that bothers me lately. Okay, I’m not in the mood to work on the assignment today, I will better start it tomorrow. If you experience familiar feelings, you are coming through ‘depression’ stage.


The final stage, the deadline has come and there is no other choice as to collect yourself together and actually start working on the paper. And it doesn’t matter that you have to cope with it in 7 hours while you still have to complete 19 pages out of 20, you will do this. All you need is another cup of coffee, right? Just a few hours and you will be free. Till the time you will have to work on another paper of course!

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