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A number of people vastly affect our lives. Starting from our parents, relatives, celebrities and friends, our professors also play a great role in shaping our personalities. Not to mention that the knowledge they give us, will stay with us forever. When we graduate, we often feel like we need to express our gratitude to our professor with a thoughtful letter.

Choose Words Carefully

A thing to remember while composing a thank you letter is to choose your words carefully. Be respectful, cordial. Pay attention to your grammar and punctuation. Try not to overflow with compliments, but be sincere and direct. A grammatically correct letter with nice vocabulary will not only please your addressee, but also show that you are now a fully-grown member of society, capable of writing well and expressing your thoughts in a grown-up way.

Consider Their Point of View

If you have no idea what to start with, put yourself in their shoes. What would you like to hear, if you were a hard-working professor? You can divide your letter in a few paragraphs. First, state why you liked their classes. Then, include what they have meant for your personal life and growth. Stress on the fact that their work is valuable and worth keeping up. They will particularly like if you include some examples and details on why you are sending this letter.

Graduation Caps

Collective Letter

If you have a close relationship with your professor and decide to compose a letter from a group of classmates, you can tailor each person’s paragraph to their style. Not only it will make your professor remember your group in the years to come, but also each person will be able to add a personal quirk or statement to compose a truly incredible thank you letter.

Make It Personal

Another way to show appreciation is to add quotes from your favorite classes, or some funny stories that have made your year memorable. Personalize your message with anecdotes from your student life. Remember to make it presentable: you can choose to write it by hand, include a photo or signatures. Add a touch by including a personalized card or a beautiful envelope, and your efforts will not go unnoticed.

Consider Gifts Instead

Students sometimes present their professors with gifts. However, some professors might accept them, while others may frown upon this practice. Keep in mind that gifts are optional, and not always the best way to show your gratitude. A well-written thank you letter will fully explain your attitude towards the professor, your fondness for their classes, what they have meant to you personally and your pure intentions of expressing gratitude. On the other hand, if you are truly bad at expressing your thoughts on paper, something handmade will be worth a thousand words.

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