The Struggles with a Thesis Statement in an Essay

Writing Struggles

No matter what you`re doing, the biggest problem of any process is the beginning. Once you start doing something, it`s like you set the mood, you get your brain working, so you just have to finish a certain action.

It`s a psychological phenomenon known as Zeigarnik effect. People tend to remember uncompleted tasks better than finished ones. So, the idea that we start something but drop it right in the middle of activity practically haunts us. You can learn more about it right in this article (of course, if you want to).

It`s far away from obsession, but it`s more like this idea is calling out to you and won`t leave you alone until you`re done with your work. This is a great way psychology messes with our brain actually. At least now you have a chance to finish that essay.

But, obviously, you have to start it first. This is a problem, I know. Staring at a blank piece of paper is quite intimidating, and the more you stare, the less motivation you have for writing. That gets much better if your paper is waiting on your mail already, so order it with idoassignment.

A thesis statement is an integral part of an essay. You should include it into the introduction. You know the topic, you know what approaches you`re going to choose in order to introduce the issue, but you have no idea how to start! It has to be creative, interesting, and at the same time, it has to give a reader the heads-up on the matter. We`ve got a few suggestions about how you can you pull it off.

You Need to Answer Your Own Question

The easiest way to come up with a thesis statement is to ask a question which would generalize the topic. What is your essay about? Yes, I know that it doesn`t sound like a simple question, but it`s not like you`re going to write about everything in the world. You`ve got a certain issue that will be narrowed down and represented in an essay. Find it!

Start with the field and write it down. Let`s say, you want to bring up the topic of comic books. Great choice! Then you have to figure out a more specific topic and form a question. Like “What a main female character brings to the world of comic books?” or “What impact does Wonder Woman have on young girls?”

Remember that this specific topic has to be meaningful. You can`t just write something like “Why Wonder Woman is super cool?” It has to have an important social message. You`re a student, after all, not a 5-year-old!

Why Would Anybody Read Your Essay?

Crazy Writer

That`s a good question, actually. You may not care about it at all, but I do hope that you write those little works for a reason which is not limited to your desire to get excellent grades. Don`t you want your professor to feel genuine interest when he/she is reading your essay? Still don`t care, huh? Okay, just remember that you need to specify the reason for writing this essay in a thesis statement.

These reasons (because you need around three of them) have to provide a back-up for your story. Here you need to prove that your whole work actually makes sense. You may state that you want to breathe in some fresh air into a topic and give your readers creative ideas regarding the matter. You can adopt an unusual approach or even an eccentric style of storytelling. If it`s something you need to explain to readers to prepare them, do it in a thesis statement.

You Can Figure It out Later

Rules Breaker

There is a golden rule of journalism that many newspapers workers break very frequently. Every textbook which teaches the basics of media art suggests that the first thing you have to do before writing an article is to come up with a title. If you do it afterwards, you may end up being stuck, having no idea of how to name your creation.

Frankly speaking, that rule does make sense. Can it be applied when it comes to a thesis statement? You`ll read in most guides to writing an essay that it`s wrong. But you may actually write the beginning of your work at the very end.

I`d say that you should definitely try it when you are expressing an opinion in an essay. Because you never know where the flow of ideas will get you. If that train of thought starts moving, it can have any destination in the world. So, you`d rather reread what you`ve written and then write a thesis statement.

It`s not like anybody can forbid you to do that. You have my official permission, that`s for sure.

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