Time Planning and Why It Is Important in College

There is no need to describe the necessity of time planning for students. You ought to have enough time for everything: studying, relaxing, travelling, etc. If you learn a few tactics on how to plan your day schedule correctly, it will be much easier for you to have time for everything. Check some useful advice:

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A calendar

The first thing you have to do is to use or to buy a calendar if you still don’t have one. You can use the one in your cell phone as well.

Learn to say “No”

It’s okay to refuse to go to the cinema with your friends if you have an important test in the morning. All the students have to be self-focused in order to achieve their goals and pursue their dreams. They need to have a grasp on their own priorities and passions so not to be led around by other people. Besides, if you take care of yourself first, you will have more desire and passion to be there for your friends when needed.

Say no

Enough sleep

Sleepless nights won't save your time, on the contrary, sleep deprivation can cause serious health problems instead. And do you need it? Besides, think how much time you waste taking naps during the daytime when you don't have a good sleep at night. So don't sacrifice your health unreasonably, give yourself a break.

No skipping

If you think skipping your classes will save much of your time, you are wrong. Be honest with yourself: how much time you think you will spend later, rewriting your classmates' notes and trying to catch your lecturer?

Find your time

Are you a night owl or an early riser? You have to figure out the time your brain works at its best and do all the hardest things during this period. This tip will surely help you to save your time.

Manage your time

Now the most necessary thing: learn to budget your time. You have to find out how many hours you usually spend on different activities during the days and create a schedule for a week ahead. This will also be useful when you have a big project to be done. Think how much time you will need to search the material, to pick up the topic and to write it. Work the time out in your calendar and stick to it. This technique will greatly help you to learn how to save and appreciate your time.

To-do list

To make budgeting your time easier, create a list of to-do tasks every day. Write the items down in the priority order and try to put the hardest ones on the top. Don't forget to include the things you want to do on your list as well, so you have something you are looking forward too. Another tip - it's a motivation to follow the list. For example, reward yourself if you managed to do everything you had planned.

Don't forget about flexibility

Having everything figured out is good, but is it really possible? Sometimes, things inevitably come up when you least expect them. Leave some time in your calendar so you could move some things around if needed.


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