Train Your Creativity

It is not a secret that in order to complete an assignment, sometimes one should not only follow the rules, but also get a little creative. Teachers appreciate originality in the works of their students, because not only it stands out in the general sea of papers or projects they have to grade daily, but also shows that the student has put a piece of their heart in their project. So, how to achieve such originality, and make yourself visible in the eyes of your teacher?

Widen Your Social Circle

Start by analyzing your closest group of friends: you all probably have the same opinions about music, movies, fashion, books, and food. If you are all so similar, it may be good for maintaining your friendships, but not at all for your creativity. Get to know someone, whose lifestyle is different from yours. Spend some time with them, and try to understand why do they treat the world the way they do. It may be a little hard to do at first, but this will help you widen your horizon, and it will certainly be useful for your creative essays.

Change Your Outlook

With a new outlook on life, you will find fresh ideas. It is hard to cook something other than an omelet, if you have no other ingredients in the fridge. The same goes for your brain. Try to listen to a music genre that you have not listened to before, pick up a book by an unknown author. It may also be useful to see if there are some open lectures of subjects you have not taken before on your campus: you might never know whether you are interested in physics or paleontology if you don’t give it a try. Look at the world with new eyes.

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Leave your comfort zone

Our brain estimates the solution of every new problem with the means it already has. Based on previous experience, we can write papers, propose opinions, and find the answer to a question. The problem is, we get too used to our comfort zone to challenge our brain with a new method. Having taken the bus to the university a hundred times, we do not even think about how hard would it be to commute without it. If we encounter a completely new problem and leave our comfort zone, our brain starts to work faster, generating new ideas, looking for new solutions, thus making us a little bit more creative.

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Be yourself

Think of a few features that make you unique in your class. List them on a piece of paper, no matter how silly they sound. Then, try to see how they can be linked to your assignment. If you are the only one with three older brothers, you may write your paper on a historical figure examining the influence of his siblings on them. If you are the only member of poetry club, you might write a sonnet instead of an essay and easily impress your teacher.

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