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Fashion Journalism

Love it or hate, but it`s not going anywhere. It`s fashion we`re talking about. All guys now will be like: “Urgh, fashion? Really? I`m out of here!” Hey, hold on just one moment because we`re about to tell you some very useful stuff about writing in general and writing about fashion in particular.

Male fashion industry may not seem so vast and influential as female fashion, but if you take a closer look, you`ll see that there are plenty of options for gentlemen there. Don`t buy all those gender stereotypes. It`s the 21st century, for heaven’s sake!

Again, if you`re not into fashion and think of it as of unnecessary social phenomenon which distracts people from important stuff, there still will be a moment when you`ll have to write about it. During your time of studying at university, you`ll write tons of pages of different essays, research papers, you`ll make dozens of presentations and projects. So, you`ll need a good helper just like

Fashion is a huge, enormous part of social life. It has a big impact on culture, business, art, and so many other spheres. Trust me, you won`t regret reading this article, you`re going to need this knowledge in the future.

Perhaps, you want to work for a fashion magazine (look at you being all enthusiastic about “Vogue”) or you`re writing a thesis which is somehow related to this sphere. Obviously, it`s hard to cover all the aspects, but we will try to give you the basic heads up.

In case you want some more, you can look for more information in this article.

Don`t You Dare Underestimate It

Fashionable Shoes

Before we get to the core, let me ask you something. Have you watched the most iconic movie of all times “Devil Wears Prada”? Of course, you have! You may not remember the dialogue between the lady boss Miranda and her assistant, brilliantly portrayed by Anne Hathaway, so I`ll just provide you with a gist real quick.

When Andy crosses the threshold of the magazine`s office, she gives the vibe like she couldn`t care less about fashion in general. She was all about “beauty is what`s on the inside” and she couldn`t quite understand why people would pay so much attention to clothes and accessories.

Miranda explains to her that everything she wears, no matter where she got it (at the luxurious boutique or a thrift shop), was influenced by fashion. It determines so many aspects of social life. Nowadays, it`s not an elite sphere for selected wealthy people. Fashion has put a serious democratic spin on its every aspect.

You may share Andy’s opinion from that movie, but you must respect fashion industry. It`s a special form of art and social conscience. Deal with it.

Get the Terminology Right

Fashion may not seem like a science to you, but again, don`t underestimate its power. It has history, rules, influential figures, and it participates in the world’s economy. Many universities have full serious courses in fashion, so yes, it is a big deal. In order to sound like a professional when you write about fashion, you need to get acquainted with the terminology. You have to know what is haute couture and why there are so many terms in French (yep, you`ll have to know the basics of this language). You are supposed to pronounce the biggest names in fashion right.

When it comes to Gucci or Michael Kors, it may seem simple. But how about Fausto Puglisi or Kris Van Assche? Okay, you finally remembered that “H” in Hermes is silent, and that it`s actually the “sh” sound in Givenchy, but it`s not enough. There are so many kinds of clothes, materials, and designs! A dirndl skirt, epaulettes, herringbone, seersucker. All those weird words have to become a part of your vocabulary.

That`s Too Much to Handle

You need to choose a specific branch of fashion that you`d like to write about. Every sphere has its narrow niches that you may find appealing and interesting. Fashion has very artsy vibe, so you`ll definitely find something that will represent your personality and greatly compliment your writing skills.

Of course, we won`t miss a possibility that you can become a total pro in this field of journalism with broad knowledge of all areas, but as a beginner, you`d rather keep it chill for a while.

Suede Is Not My Personal Favorite

Oversized Sweater

We all have certain preferences when it comes to fashion and style. Let`s say you`ll never ever put on an oversized sweater because it`s not flattering for your body. It`s understandable. But if you want to write about fashion as a professional, you need to put aside your prejudices and biased opinions. If you don`t get it, it doesn`t mean it`s bad.

You can`t just write that crocs are the worst footwear in the history, but you can analyze its influence on the future designers` collections and predict whether they`ll stay in fashion for a long time. Just don`t mix your personal sense of style and modern trends.

“Will you help me do my homework if I share my views on fashion and preferences with you?” Surely! Consider your essay is already in your bag.

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