Zodiac Signs of Students in a Common School

Zodiac Signs

“What’s your sign?”. Somehow this question is very popular among all the people from the different age groups. Why? Because it’s fun! We would all like to know what skeletons are hidden in the closets of our friend and relatives, right? Stars say it’s possible, all we have to do is to pay more attention to details. So let’s check the theory, what type of student you are, according to your sign.


You are self-confident and bold, some other students think you are arrogant and rude, but surely they are wrong, right? You are an extremely active student, the one who is always ready for any challenge. You are creative and artistic as well. You might be a theatre major or a writer perhaps. Even though you are often very impatient, you are also very charismatic and ambitious.


You know how to plan your budget; you must be good at economic studies! You are a hard worker and prefer to do all the assignments perfectly. You are one of those people who are willing to do everything for that group project. And the best thing about your personality is that you can motivate other people to do their job with the best attitude. You clearly are the perfectionist and if anybody asks you to do something, it’s because they are aware they will receive a perfectly done work!


Gemini people are natural students who like to learn and easily understand the new material. They usually like college and all the studying process. You are a bit of a hot and cold person, the one of those friends who usually can’t decide whether they want to order pizza or not, whether to go out or now, or whether to buy that thing you saw in the mall or better next time. That often makes your peers get frustrated, but when you do go out with your friends, well, you all are going to have a fantastic time!


Cancers are sweethearts. They always look out for everybody else, make sure everyone got the meal they wanted and enough hours of sleep before classes. These individuals have caring and gentle hearts and are extremely reliable and open-hearted friends.


Leos are the kings and queens of the zodiac. They like to be in the centre of every discussion as they love to get a lot of attention. You want to make everybody proud of you, so besides being in the centre of the Universe Leos spend a lot of time studying to get their As. Some students think they are cocky, but they are just envious, right?


Virgos are 100% perfectionists. You like everything to be done just the way you said so – and that makes some people get angry with you. You are the one of the students who have the cleanest dorm rooms on campus, you even have a couple of scented candles there, don’t you? Nevertheless, these people are extremely self-critical. Take it easy, Virgos! It’s just college!

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