Money Back Policy

You do not always have an opportunity to get the money you have paid back. However, our service provides this opportunity in order to make the customer feel safe and not be worried about their money. As we have a rich experience at the writing assistance market we have managed to develop the refund policy that considers all the possible cases and protects our customers fully.

Most dispute cases happen because of certain misunderstandings. However, the complaints on our service are rare as we have the 97,4% satisfactory rate. In order to gain 100% satisfaction we try our best on producing the highest quality papers.

In order to start the refund process the customer is to open a dispute on the order. Opening of dispute is easy – you need to send the email to the Dispute Department. To get the email address to contact, please, ask our customer support representative to provide you with it. In your email, please, specify the reasons for dispute opening in a detailed and coherent manner as the success of your request depends on the effectiveness of your communication.

The process of dispute review by DD lasts for about 5-10 days. This period of time is required for attentive examination of the case and finding the most satisfying and suitable solutions.

Cases for requesting a refund:

  • Identical orders placement or making a double payment for the order. If this issue happens with you – just contact our support representative regarding your case and be sure that you will have back one of the amounts, which has been paid by mistake, after the support team checks the information.

  • No writer for your task. In 99, 9% of cases the writer can be easily found for the successful task completion. We cooperate with about 700 writers who are good specialists in their fields. However, some assignments have too tight time frames or very specific instructions, which is why we might be unable to complete them instead of you. In case such situation occurs we will inform you as soon as possible and will issue the full payment back to you. Also, we guarantee a discount for all your orders with our company in future.

    If there is no writer for revising your paper you are eligible for contacting our DD and they will decide on the possible refund. No revisions will be possible after you open a dispute on the order.

  • Late delivery of the completed paper. The reason for the delayed delivery must be determined in case of such a claim. The most frequent factors that cause the paper’s lateness are not on-time providing of the additional materials and clarifications by the customer. Often, we are unable to start or continue working on the paper without a certain file or information. If the delay of your paper is caused by this factor no refund is possible.

    • In case lateness was caused by us, you are able to get a partial refund for your order:
    • If your paper’s deadline was 4 hours and you received it later than 17 minutes after the deadline expired you are able to get the price recalculated according to 8 hours deadline price.
    • When you place the order with the time frame of 7 days or more and there is a slight lateness with the delivery you can send a request to the Dispute Department for refunding up to 10% of your full payment.
    • This kind of refunds is sent only if you request them.
    • In case we need more time to prepare a high quality work we may request a deadline extension from you. In case you agree to give us more time for the paper’s completion refund for lateness cannot be claimed.
  • The time for requesting a refund is limited. Customers are able to get their request reviewed only if they send it within 10 days after the paper has been delivered. If you send you request after this period expired we will not be able to provide you with the money back option.
  • In some cases the late delivery of the revised paper can occur. You are eligible for requesting 15% of your payment to be refunded back in case there is a lateness of more than 30 minutes. The customer is required to send the email to our DD having noted that once the dispute is opened we are unable to provide the revision service anymore. The case will be assessed within the period mentioned above and the solution will be provided. There is not universal option for all the cases as they are resolved in the individual order.
  • The completed paper is not satisfying. When the customer complaints about the level of the completed order, we need to review this case individually and to check the possible reasons for dissatisfaction.

    • When the customer has got the preview paper and has not given the approval of it we will be glad to provide as many revisions as necessary. Also, there is an option of opening a dispute on your order and 100% refund can be provided if the customer manages to provide valid reasons and precise arguments for the paper’s incorrectness. Please, note that we must review every case very attentively to be sure that fraud activity is eluded. The best solution for your case will be prepared by our DD Manager once all the details and points are taken into account.
    • The final variant of order is received and approved by the client. Maximum amount of refund is 30% of the full price in certain cases only. Typically, no refunds are provided in such cases. Please, note that the papers are approved automatically after the 10 days period.
  • Order’s cancelation. It matters at what point of progress your order is once you request it’s cancelling.

    • If the writer has not been assigned for your assignment completion you are able to request the full payment to be sent back.
    • When less than the half of your limit of time has passed you can be sure about getting 70% of the paid amount back.
    • If more than half of the time limit expired only 30% can be refunded.
    • In case you want to cancel the order when the paper has been already completed (even if the deadline which you have set has not expired) no refund is possible.
  • High percentage of similarity / plagiarism. The papers completed by our service are guaranteed to be original and free from plagiarism. However, when you claim that the paper was not original you will be required to provide us with the report from your educational institution or Turnitin to prove the issue. Please, be careful about using the Turnitin system as it has a special option of saving all the papers submitted through it. So, if you or your professor gets it submitted the second time it will be detected as plagiarized.

  • Additional options and money back. The additional features like writer’s sample, editor’s services, Turnitin report, summary of your paper are not eligible for refund. The only option which you can get your money back for is the category of the writer in the cases when the writer has not been allocated so far. We encourage the customers of to be attentive in the process of placing the order and selecting the additional features.

When you need any of the points stated above to be explained in more detailed manner feel free to send a message or give a call to our customer support team.